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South Bend Black Chamber of Commerce was established to support the creation, acceleration, growth and general welfare of Black owned businesses and organizations in South Bend.


The Chamber actively promotes the expansion of business  opportunities on behalf of its membership  through workforce coaching, B2B referrals, strategic partnerships, entrepreneurship seminars,  technical assistance and marketing.

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The  SBBC focuses on economic development, education, convention/tourism, and special projects re-skilling both adults and students in business. 


The Chamber is committed to implementing proactive measures to ensure black business have a strong future, directly impacting the economic success throughout South Bend and surrounding communities.

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  • Create a central voice to represent the interests of black and minority owned business. 

  • Provide Black and minority owned businesses with access to resources to expand and grow. 

  • Attract new members and increase existing members’ involvement in the SBB Chamber by providing programs, services and benefits that are values by members as essential to their success.

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"Becoming a member has given our business so many resources. The networking alone, introduced my company to someone that helped us scale this year!"

-R. Vasquez

Realestate Owner

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